Friday, November 26, 2010

Green Bluff (a little late)

We made it through the corn maze to the castle pretty fast and then got trapped in the gorilla cages:)

The girls were being so funny in the car with their sunglasses, they crack us up!

We love Green Bluff, it is a family tradition that we love doing and it gets better and better each year. It is so fun now that both girls are older and can really enjoy it (no babies or strollers) and this year when we went it was in the 80's!! We were sweating and really hot but last year we had to wear all of our winter gear because it was so cold so we were gratefull for the heat. We went on a Friday and did the trains, maze, slide, pumpkin patch, apple was a long fun day and there was hardly anyone there:)

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McGuire's said...

How fun! Where is that? My girls would LOVE that castle. I wish our girls could play together. I miss the sun and sweating. :) (Gretchen it's not Halloween and you posted!...very impressed.)