Friday, November 26, 2010

Green Bluff (a little late)

We made it through the corn maze to the castle pretty fast and then got trapped in the gorilla cages:)

The girls were being so funny in the car with their sunglasses, they crack us up!

We love Green Bluff, it is a family tradition that we love doing and it gets better and better each year. It is so fun now that both girls are older and can really enjoy it (no babies or strollers) and this year when we went it was in the 80's!! We were sweating and really hot but last year we had to wear all of our winter gear because it was so cold so we were gratefull for the heat. We went on a Friday and did the trains, maze, slide, pumpkin patch, apple was a long fun day and there was hardly anyone there:)

Shutterfly Christmas Cards!!

If you have never heard of Shutterfly you are missing out. It is a photo website and you can make all kinds of gifts there or just make prints of your photos. They are having this awesome promo right now where you can get 50 free Chirstmas cards, !! I had better get my act together and send out cards because they are sooo cute and I have never tried their christmas cards but there is a ton to choose from. Here you can look at some of their designs, . I really like the cards where you can put multiple photos so I can show everyone more pics of the girls and not just the picture where we are all smiling, sitting still and happy because thats not really how taking pictures go for us at all, it gets crazy. I have made a few of their calendars and so have my sisters and they are easy to make and great quality, there is a desk calendar that would be fun to make for the husbands too, . When Brooklyn was a baby I made a mouse pad with a big picture of her face on it and put it down at Bart's work, he loved it. I wanted to share this awesome deal with everyone and even if you don't get around to sending out cards this year they have tons of other stuff:)

(here are a few pics of some of the fun things you can make)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I love this pic of my two princesses and my prince. Bailey was so happy to write with markers on the pumpkins, she sucked on the marker for most of the night and could have cared less about the candy.

Fun at the ward Halloween party. Brooklyn was doing the cake walk for awhile without her number being called, she soon came over to me with two cupcakes. "ohh did you win", "nope, I just grabbed them, I was done walking"

Tinkerbell is about to fly (minus the wings, she didn't like them)

What's up cutie pie?!

This is Brooklyn and her bff Madilyn getting ready to go to their preschool party.

We got to dress up on Thurs, Friday and Sunday!!

We had a great time trick or treating, Brooklyn was really into it this year and Bailey was great as soon as we gave her a sucker.

This Halloween was alot of fun. I loved dressing up the girls and I'm sure I had more fun with the costumes and accesories than they did:)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Random pics

Brooklyn loves to dress up, one night she came out in an old Haloween costumes and play crown. I think she looks like the boy from Where The Wild Things Are and by the way never ever see the movie, i still wish i could have those two hours of my life back.We all went down the slide together at Grandmas house and Brooklyn is not being tortured she is actually laughing.
Bailey, our little cutie pie.

Don't you just want to squeeze her.

I asked Brooklyn to smile for the camera, this is the face she gave me. She has so much personality and is so entertaining.

I told her to give me a real smile this time, much better.

I just love these two!! I came into the front room one morning and this is how they were watching tv. They are best buds and mommy's favorites.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

We are Alive! (yes it has been a year)

We love the pumpkin patch!
This is the huge slide that Brooklyn did all by herself, she is a rock star.
Bailey was very good the whole time, probably because she was the only one that was warm.
Brooklyn making a straw angel and then feeding the pony which was very exciting.

Hi everyone! It has been a crazy year, we have two girls now. Bailey is 7 months and Brooklyn is 2 3/4. The pregnancy was rough but Bailey is a really good and happy baby and Brooklyn is a great older sister who is always making us laugh! Here are a couple pics from Green Bluff the pumpkin patch. It was freezing that day but we have done it every year since we had Brooklyn so there was no skipping it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween was a really long day but really fun. It started out at 8 am with me making Bart and myself our costumes. I got black sweatshirts and transfer paper to make skeletons and then out lined them in glow in the dark puffy paint (my shirt had a baby skeleton in the tummy). While I was doing this I let Brooklyn play with some candles which she dropped and the glass shattered. I was too busy to pick it up then so later on in the day I accidentally stepped on it and sliced my foot, it was all too exciting.

In the midst of all of this my sister Lexi and I were decorating the trailer for our trunk-or-treat. Bart and I always think it would be fun to decorate it but he gets too busy so this year I just decided to do it with Lexi and it turned out great. All of the walls were decorated like a dungeon with skeletons, there were glowing eye balls, skeletons in cages hanging from the ceiling and spider webs all over, it turned out great ( i wish the pictures turned out better they do not do it justice).

So I am very proud of everything that I got done and of course Brooklyn was so adorable in her cat costume. She was so much fun, Brooklyn loved handing out the candy as much as getting it and she loved wearing her costume (she thought she was really neat and loved to look at herself in the mirror). We ended the night up at our friends Joel and Amber's house where the kids had alot of fun and by the end of the night Brooklyn's outfit looked like it got attacked by chocolate. It was a great day!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Daddy's Girl

We had alot of fun at Spirit Lake on Grandpa's fishing boat. You can't tell from the picture but Brooklyn had a blast and was babbling away the whole time, she was even pointing out all of the things for us to look at in the mountains (she was coping Bart).
They just finished a major tickle game and were taking a little time to rest.

I love watching dads and daughters interact with one another, it is one of the sweetest things.
Brooklyn loves to watch for Bart when he comes home from work, we wait on the couch looking out the window. When she spots his truck she starts jumping up and down screaming "Papa, Papa!!", she then races over to the door and waits to welcome him with a big hug and a kiss, I don't think it gets much better than that.